Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year we actually did';t dress up that much, but we still had THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!

We're pretty broke, and most of the month I was VERY VERY SICK... I'm feeling better now... but last night we went HARD CORE trick-or-treating!

I was SO EXHAUSTED that I passed out at 10PM and slept until almost 11AM. 

We thought we were starting late, but everyone started later than us this year. We got LARGE CANDY BARS!
And, people gave us extra candy, and even the pick of the litter, because since Halloween was on a Friday this year, most folks went out to parties, events, or festivals. Not only THAT but BOSTON was #7 on the List of best places to trick-or-treat this year, so everyone headed over to Beacon Hill.

Honestly, it's not that we didn't want to dress-up... we did... but:
A.) We were broke
B.) the weather was bogged with uncertainty, and we weren't sure whether it would be warm, cold, or rainy...
C.) I'd been sick most of this month, and Heidi was sick most of September, and NEITHER of us wanted to get sick again, because it takes about 3-5 weeks to recover from a flu or a bad cold because we both have complicated asthma.
D.) I gained some weight due to illness this month, and fitting anything was another issue...

So, I just put on some makeup, and these feather lashes, and donned my long coat, shoved some umbrellas into my bag, and brought my gloves...

We set out after 4PM this year, nearly 4:30 which is a LATE start for us.... We usually knock on the first doors around 4-4:30... not leave the house at that time... It's an OLD tradition to trick-or-treat at 4/4:30 because it's light outside, and considered "safe" for children.... however, New England recently kinda doesn't observe this... they tend to prefer it at dark... and there's PLENTY of adults, fathers, and Police officers around to observe, protect, and so on...

I gotta tell ya, people in Massachusetts can be such jerk, and SO RUDE, and MEAN.... but with one exception: HALLOWEEN!



They are SOOOOOO GENEROUS! TOLERANT! POLITE! They even wave, hello, good-bye, hold open the doors, and say things like: Excuse me, Thank you... and HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

NEVER EVER will you hear them do that EXCEPT on HALLOWEEN!

This is MY bag of treats! Lot's of Chocolates! Did I NOT tell you how generous everyone was last night??? And, my bag is the MODEST BAG.

Heidi's bag was a whole shopping bag elbow deep! It most be about 45-50 lbs of candy, easily!

I'm actually pretty happy with the way my makeup came out.

I used this Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion, which actually worked REALLY WELL!
My forehead has lots of sun damage & "wisdom lines" which once I put makeup on makes me look OLD... however, when I mixed this with my basic coverup, and went over it with my mineral foundation powder it was incredibly less noticeable, including by my camera! BTW, all the makeup I used on my face was basic Drugstore brands, except of r my eyes which were the only High-end products.

On my eyes, I used eyeshadow by: Urban Decay's NAKED2 & NAKED3 palettes, Too Faced's Naked Eye & Natural Eye (Vintage) palettes, AVEDA's Give Twinkling Eyes palette, Victoria's Secret sparkling purple eyeshadow on a black base which was Physician's Formula.
The main gel eyeliner I used was my old tried & true Eyestudio black by Maybelline.
My coverup was just typical old Coverstick by Covergirl, and the black feather eyelashes are by Adelle.

The mineral powder foundations were all by Physicians' Formula, and L'Oreal, including the bronzer which was by Physician's Formula, and a hint of Too Faced... but not much, because it's too orange.

Lipsticks are contour layered with Revlon & L'Oreal.

For the record, I generally HATE products by L'Oreal, other than SOME of their lip products... but this Urban Decay Primer Potion eliminated the allergic reactions I generally get from their foundations and other face products, and I experiences no over drying, nor shiny wrinkling or shriveling usually accompanying these products.

Oh, and my hair has been growing back MUCH MUCH thicker lately! YES!
Moroccan Argan Oil is AWESOME! It really works!

One of these days, in the future I would LOVE to trick-or-treat in SALEM!