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Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate (or Marshal Kandice) is a Pirate Cosplay character by Artist "Black UniGryphon" 烏獨角獸 (Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒).

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The character originally began as a Halloween Costume, which came back due to Kandice's friend & former classmate The Artist "Pebbles" whom is a Pirate Cosplay Celebrity alias "Pirate Pebbs". 

Kandice has also studied styles of dance such as: cabaret belly dance, Raqs Sharqi (Traditional Arabian belly dance), Tribal Fusion belly dance, popping & locking, improvisational, various styles of Yoga, Taiji Chuan (often known in English as "tai chi" the exorcize choreographed forms), Taiji Jianzi (sowrd "tai chi"), Taiji Gungfu Shanzi ("Kungfu Fan" style of "tai chi"), Qigung (often called "Chi Gong" in English), Para Para (modernized Japanese style of "hand jive"), Chinese flowing silk fans (often called "fan veils" in fusion belly dance ), modern & 90s versions of shuffling, DDR (Japanese dance video game), zill playing, Belgian Jumpstyle, Saidi (Ancient Pharonic Egyptian/folk dance).
However she doesn't consider herself a "professional" dancer. The bulk of her dance study is with belly dance in many styles, and a frequent self practice dating back to 2007 including a number of classes, and countless self practice. As well as a frequent Yoga self practice.

Marshall Kändiß & Pirate Pebbs have made many appearances along the East Coast (USA) including Comic Con, Marcus Hook Pirate Festival, several kinds of festivals, fairs, karaoke, Cross-dresser events, galas, raves, Ren Fairs, parties, etc.

Pirate Pebbs has also worked at Otakon, and is a Karaoke Lounge MC/DJ/Star in West Philly & South Philly, and is also a multiple national award winning Pro Photographer, and a performance arts singer.

Cross-dresser rave & dining event in New Hope PA (USA)

Marshall Kändiß & Pirate Pebbs at Philly Comic Con 2012.

Philadelphia Comic Con 2012
Costumes are creations by us, or combinations of items we mix together.

Pirate Pebbs in costume ENTIRELY hand made by her, including the hat.

Pyrate Marshall Kändiß Improvisational gypsy skirt dancing, preforming LIVE at Marcus Hook Pirate Festival 2012 in PA (USA).

More about Kandice:

Kandice is an accomplished artist (yet unemployed), having won 2 medals from NASA as a teenager awarded 1st place in the State of New Jersey, and ALSO had her artwork exhibited in Congress when she was 15 years old. She frequently won awards (including cash prizes) in news papers or  artistic contests as well as scholarships since the early 1990s as a young child.

She attended classes at the U-ARTS in Philadelphia on Scholarship regularly in high school on the weekends for a few years, and graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Computer Animation Specializing in Traditional Animation.

She Graduated from BCIT having studied some "Advertizing Art & Design" (old school analogue Graphic Art) and has a Diploma in "Environmental Studies" Sciences, and her class was hand picked by Vice President Al Gore to work on G.L.O.B.E. and to attend The Earth Summit in Helsinki in 1998 which she turned down to study at the U-ARTS and THEN when to Germany in July & August.

Kandice is also self taught to speak some conversational German, Mandarin Chinese, and can understand some Pekingese (Beijing dialect) and some Northern dialects, and has lived in Northern China in the Manchurian Region several times.

 She is also known for her videos on YouTube which discuss inter racial dating between Asian & Caucasian persons, as well as some silly videos of her speaking Chinese.

She briefly worked at "Top Cow" (Image Comics) as a digital colorist assistant (unpaid) in 2005 on titles like "Witchblade", "Rising Stars", and several others. 

She had been planning to attend CAL-ARTS by 2008, but the World Economy had a massive 777 point drop and the market crashed, which devastated her for several years. The devastation caused her to seek out some form of healing, through dance, and also got back into yoga, and getting back in touch with her musical side, as well as political activism.

She has 1 biological daughter (Heidi) whom is also a child prodigy artist & musician, that also like sciences, writes & publishes her own stories & comics, programs her own video games, and is half Chinese. 

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