Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm In Black Beard's Pirate Film!

Corset Deal

Back in 2012, I went to the Marcus Hook (PA) Pirate Festival, but unfortunately had to leave early due to my spouse's social anxieties, and despite being ultra popular and invited to all sorts of parties, invite only events, and more, my spouse was hell-bent on going to NYC ruining everything for me, plus, I also had tickets to see "Beats Antique" about a week later and couldn't. The fact that I'd just been canned from job was leverage enough for my spouse to stronghold me into doing whatever he wanted.

I knew there was a film being shot, that entire weekend for Blackbeard's documentary film. But, I'd really barely heard any updates on it, you would think I would. But, then it was suggested that the footage of myself and Pirate Pebbs might not have been included, so I guess I figured that was maybe why no one really notified me about it. I also had trouble narrowing down where to find any info on it back in 2012-2013, and eventually just forgot about it. (But, if you know me, I can find ANYTHING. if it's in the public domain, or even if it's hidden, I will ALWAYS find it.

Like most events I go to in costume, especially with Pirate Pebbs, so much stuff occurs that my entire memory of events is a blur. So much happened at Comic Con that year that I can barely recall anything at all. As for the Pirate festival, I remember strutting around with Pirate Pebbs and Black Beard, and doing interviews, posing for so many photos, and also hobnobbing with several groups, troops, and being followed by flirty Pirates, or bunches & bunches of children fans. I also did everything entirely sober, even tho' I was invited to exclusive drinking parties that evening, I was totally dry..... but, I was drinking at a big pub party the evening before with Black Beard.

Well, it suffices to say, I found the trailer to the film, and also found the website.

And, I actually made it into the Trailer!
You can see me live improv' dancing!

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I actually still haven't seen the film yet. I just found it this afternoon!
The Film is Called "Treasure; The Story of Marcus Hook"

The website for the film is HERE
No, it isn't free.
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