Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pirate Photoshoot Ideas For Spring 2013

I have a number of ideas. But, some I can't currently do. Others will depend upon the weather.

Next week my spouse will be returning to China with his mother. So, I won't have relatives strolling in & out of the rooms, and home anymore. And, my niece has gone off to do her own thing.

It won't be webcam stuff either. It will be DSLR.

But, that will all depend upon the weather. If it's warm enough I can shoot outside. But, even if it's warm enough, I don't know whether the snow will all be gone. Definitely, there won't be enough green yet until probably June, unless we get a random bout of WARM weather for at least 4 weeks strait.

As it stands, we might even get snow tomorrow & the following day. I'm NOT happy about it.

If I were in Philadelphia, I would like to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival, especially Sakura Sunday, but as always I will miss it AGAIN, because:

A. I'm NOT in Philly

If I could, I would like to play with some costumes for a Wuxia character: Dongfang Bubai, whom is a crossdressing character that is a man that looks like a woman with super magical Kungfu powers.

(But, I would probably need someone to be the model. Man or woman, probably ethnic Asian, or someone whom could pull it off  well.)

I don't entirely have all the stuff to create that character (got some stuff tho), and I'm not sure whom I would like to dress up as Dongfang Bubai yet. But, it could fit in nicely with some pirate fusion (if you've ever watched the Hong Kong films).

I'd like to stage my ass getting kicked by Dongfang Bubai, or assasinated. That would be fun. (Morbid, yes?)

So... scratch that for now... because I defiantly can't be/play Dongfang Bubai...

I do have 1 indoor idea that I'm planning for. It will be a reading glasses/book shoot.

Sort of like HotForWords inspired... But, Pirate....
Some Pirates could, and DID read. They were very diverse.

I'm definitely planning on this idea. I haven't picked out my exact outfit yet, tho.

For an Outdoor idea I want to shoot outside at Whitman's Pond in South Weymouth. It's this HUGE pond! But, if it's too cold, rainy, or snowing, I can't shoot.

If it is warm enough, I might do cloudy or sunny. But, it will depend on the sunlight as to what I'll shoot. I might also go for pants....Or, multiples of skirt and then pants...

I've only shot at Whitman's Pond once, but at the waterfall.

But, for this project I would like to shoot on a different side, where the gazebo is. 

The final idea I have is really a fun one!

Pippi Long Stocking inspired!

She's a pirate... I know she's supposed to be a 9 year old, and as strong as superman... and her dad was a Buccaneer (Pirate).

But, I went looking through my old clothes & costumes stuff, and I found SO much stuff to play with!
I notice she's often depicted wearing turquoise blue, or orange, but any color could work, really. I've seen 80s versions, 90s versions, anything!

I can't wait to play with that idea!  I even have long socks, all kinds of blue stuff! That could be really fun! Indoor or outdoor!
My daughter might also want to dress-up & play it too!

I am also working on finishing up a sewing project. I was making a Ghawazzee coat.

I am somewhat inspired by the "Velvet Peacock" version.  Not so much the actual Egyptian Gypsy type, nor the Bedleh-dress type.
However, I'm not using velvet.

I'm basing mine on a pattern by "Simplicity".

But, I will be altering it from their original pattern. I am considering  adding a lace-up corset/bodice style on the seems, with ribbons.

I already have the silk.  Bags of vintage silk from China.

I'm hoping it goes very very well.

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