Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kändiß likes Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate loved belly dance!
It's true!

Here's a graphic I made from back a few years ago (2009). Belly dance has helped me to deal with depression due to career & economic downturn.

Tribal Fusion Belly dance incorporates all kinds of other forms of ancient dancers with modern esthetics, dance, music, etc. That's why it's called "fusion".

The movement started in San Fransisco CA, and has spread world wide.  It 1st began mixing with the electronic music during the 1st decade on the 21st Century, but only with down tempo forms of Hip-hop fusion, Ethnic Goth Industrial, Ambient electronic, Down Tempo House, Experimental, and then began mixing with Glitch-hop & Dub Step, and some Trance, or some more traditional Bellydance music.

It originally was slower, but began mixing with uptempo Waltz, Baltic Brass, Burlesque, and many other Ethnic World music. Now you can find Tribal Fusion mixed with anything including Eurodance Cabaret, Burlesque, Heavy Metal, many forms of techno dance music, Pop music, New Wave, Asian Themes, cartoon themes, movie themes and more.

It's orignial origins come from American Tribal Style (ATS) invented by Carolena Nericcio and her Dance Tribe "Fat Chance Belly Dance" (FCBD) which looked very old, and was made from ancient dances with belly dance but as an improvisational dance. The dance form has the look & feel of being ancient, when in fact it is very new.

Tribal Fusion stemmed from there, and now involved choreography if desired, popping & locking, Chinese veil fan dancing, Tahitian Fire Dancing, and much more. I've even seen variations performed underwater as mermaids, Go-go dancing, or Steampunk.

 I've attended classes in Boston for belly dance. 2 classes with Zoe Jakes, and have studdied at home, and with yoga.

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