Monday, March 4, 2013

Kändiß Tribal Rave Fusion

Kändiß Likes Tribal Fusion @ Rave 

Especially Eurodance HI-NRG Techno & Happy Hardcore

But, I also like Dub Step, which is good for popping @ locking.

A Lil' track I mixed with Dumbek beats instead of 4/4 beats.

Most Tribal Fusion dancers like Dub Step, and several are fans of bands like:

Bassnecatar, Kraddy, The Glitch Mob, Mim0sa, Beats Antique, R/D, David Starfire, and more.

I like those too. They are more down tempo, whihc is great for Tribal.

Tribal Fusion dancers also like Goth & Industrial bands like:

Shiva In Exile, Pentaphobe, Sephiroth, Geomatic, Amon Tobin, DJ Mosavo, VNV Nation, and compilation albums like: Tribal Matrix I & II, Strange Flesh, Desert Grooves, Electric Oasis.

These graphics were a throwback ode to some old 1990s Eurodance & hardcore rave CD Cover Art from Germany.

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