Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Friday, March 8, 2013

Zimbelmann: My 1st Zills Egyptian Brass

My Dad bought me my 1st zills (my ONLY ZILL SO FAR) in 2009. Also called "finger symbols".

He said I needed to get some.

Ironically, my name "Zimbleman" comes from the original German surname "Zimbelmann" coming from the root "Zimbeln" (zills) & "Mann" (man) which means "zill player" or  can translate to "dulcimer player" or "zither player".
Very Oriental, right?

I thought we just descended from just farmer/clock-makers & craftsmen.

But, apparently, my ancestors in ancient Germania were musicians. Well, it makes sense, since all my family in my father's family are very musical in all things. Music is almost sacred (if not totally scared) to my father, brothers, my grandfather, my grandfather's family...

So, he (my Dad) bought them (the zills) for me. He ordered them from Canada (but they are made from Egyptian tuning brass in Egypt), which took a long time to arrive.

But, then later he says my bellydancing embarrasses him. IDK

Most Tribal belly dancers like the LARGE zills, but, I think I like the petite ones.

I should practice more. It's good for your brain!

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