Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raving @ The Raven in New Hope Cross Dresser Event

So friggin' HOT at that event! It was a Cross Dressers, Trannies, and Gay Bar rave at The Raven in New Hope PA, I think in July.

Kändiß dressed-down for the event and some uppity cross-dresser kept being rude to at dinner about her not dressing up enough. But, it was so hot, and she didn't feel up to it in that kind of heat (about 98 degrees).

Pirate Pebbs is KNOWN for her love of Trannies & Cross dresser, and ditched Kändiß multiple times to go make-out with a cross dresser.  She had to depend on the kindness of some Trannies for water, and kept getting massive requests to dance.

When Kändiß 1st came to the dance floor, there weren't many people raving, but after she began to hit the floor, as usual crowds flock in.

Not before long did the floor become full, that she took a break and kept getting overrun with requests to dance with cross dressers, women, men, Trans-Genders, despite constant need for water & asthma inhaler.

Hours passed before Pirate Pebbs came to bring her some water, often to disappear again. ;)

 Kändiß Taking a breather from intense raving... Raving aint always easy in THE FRIGGIN' HEAT!

Especially in The Delaware Valley...
Good thing she got her inhaler!
 The event starts out as a Prim & Propper Dining Event. Kändiß went with Pirate Pebbs with her friend dressed who dressed in drag.

It was very sweet. Very nice.

But, Kändiß will do well to dress-up and deck much more in the future if ever attending another Cross-dresser event.

But, by the time the rave started, the crowd was obviously a mix of anyone & anyone, not just Trannies, cross-dressers, or Gay Bar flies, but pretty much anyone, and of a wide range in age groups.

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