Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Peking Opera Bridal Costume NYC 2002

Peking Opera Bridal Costume in Flushing, New York City Studio, May 2002

In Peking Operas (Beijing Operas) this is what a bride would look like.

I really liked the hat, and noticed it in a portfolio of samples. So, I specifically booked the photo shoot so we could have that hat.

It looks really great in the photos, but it's totally made of plastic, felt, and metal springs.
Here's one in black & white. They used about 5 cameras at a time for the photo shoot, and each on different settings, with different lenses.

There were 2 directors, and a few extra photographers.

There were 3 makeup artists. And, my makeup took 3 hours, which they changed on-the-fly between shoots which went quicker than the 1st sitting to have my face done.

I only had 2 Chinese themed shoots. You had a choice between any 2 Asian themes, and had everything from Korean, to Japanese, to Filipino, Tibet, Mongolia, modern, period, fantasy, and these guys were VERY artsy-farsty. So, I just let them do their thing. It's a NYC thing.
I own the negatives to these, since we purchased the premium largest package you could buy. I also own the rights to these.

They were worth every penny we spent on them.

But, we sat through several kinds of photo shoots with different themes, makeup, and clothes, the entire day, and even went out into a nearby park & shot outside.

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