Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Salem Mass Graveyard With Pirate Pebbs 2010

On an adventure with Pirate Pebbs in Salem Mass at the Graveyard of those whom were executed for being accused of being witches.

Despite the grim nature of why the cemetery was there due to its horrific history, the place is so peaceful and soothing.
You wouldn't believe me unless you went there yourself.

But, it's normal to just feel like roaming around there, reading the graves,  and you feel fine.

It 1 of my favorite places to photograph in Greater Boston, that whenever I go to Salem, I take people there.

Everyone thinks it's creepy until they get there. It's quite lovely, actually.

This was shot in the summer, and it was very humid that day.   This camera here was Pebbs' camera, and hers kept picking up much of the heat. Mine didn't.

Another photo from Pirate Pebbs' camera.

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