Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blue Choli Bodice I Made 2010

I often wear this in my Pirate Costume, but You can also wear it for bellydance, clubbing, whatever.

It's made from an old Chinese dudou that I bought in Flushing Chinatown New York (2002). But, it was so poorly made that there was no use in fixing it, since I'd fixed it multiple times.

So, I made this!

 I didn't have a pattern. I just "felt y way" through the process of making it.

Sounds like psychic sewing! LOL!

The back was from an old Chinese fusion top I'd bought at the Cherry Hill Mall in NJ way back in 2003.

Same deal, poorly made, cheap plastic fiber fabric.  It's machine embroidered with a "feng huan" (often translated as "Chinese Phoenix").

The inside lining is real vintage 1970s silk from China.

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