Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chinese Qipao Glam NYC 2002

Another costume from the Bridal photo shoot in Flushing New York, in the studio.

These are Ming-Guo Shanghai throw-back inspired.

Qipao originally come from Shanghai, but sometimes people call them a "Mandarin Dress", but it's NOT from the North where mandarins come from.

I think the reason they call them "Mandarin" is because in the South they called these dresses the "Changshan" which is actually a dress worn by a Mandarin man.

Why did ladies wear these? Everyone disagrees, but I think it dates back to the Salt Traders of Shanghai & Hangzhou which were very wealthy. Their daughters became very independent, highly educated, and began to exercise the same rights & privileges as men. Perhaps that is why they made a feminine version of a Changshan.

During the Ming Guo period, much literature & culture began seeping into China from Western Culture, and in The West women began to wear shorter skirts to show their legs below thier knees, and wore red lipstick because of the Flapper Movement. Women wanted to be reccognized for their intelligence, strength, and also to openly express their sexuality through their feminiity, but also to do things before only reserved for men.

Much of this cultural materials, music, songs, literature, was mass consumed in the Hangzhou/Shanghai area, and spread throughout China.

But, who can say the exact, specific reason why they wore them?  Now, they are common throughout Asia, and often worn as formal wear for business, weddings, and special events.

Shanhai, today, is still known for being run by powerful women, business women, and so on. 
I actually have 2 Qipao, but this one here is NOT mine. It was the Studio's.

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