Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sunday Dress Down Philly Comic Con 2012

Pirating is tough... 
So it's:
 traveling from Boston-Philly overnight,no sleep, Karaoke, rave, work, makeup, costumes, sell prints, paint some faces, get into press section & shoot 5 Star Trek Captains, baby sit a kid, sketch for fans, do Misc. Con Photography with my camera, with other people's cameras, Starbucks runs, save parking spots, win a drawing contest, and also cram in time to eat...

So, u can probably see how exhausted I was....
The bloating I had this day was really painful!

Stress hormones plus ovulating hormones, plus, I ate something with MSG, and I have IBS.
 And, I did all of that on the good grace of people like my classmates & very good friends.

Here I am with my friend, and former coworker from AMC Marlton 8 NJ. He's a Pro photographer and went to both art colleges I did.

He was good enough to get me in with him to photograph The 5 Star Trek Captains!

That was probably 1 of the highlights of my whole life!
Stealing from a Pirate!
 Here's my friend George!
Weird coincidence how I know him! Pirate Pebbs' cousin also my friend went to grade school with him, and we connected through FB....

Turns out He has the exact same birthday as I do, but a year after me. But, I was born on the other side of the river in NJ, in Willingboro which is not far from Philly.

We've both traveled abroad, have trouble getting employed, are activists, like dressing up, comics, and he's a self taught artist as well.
 Wow! I looked utterly exhausted. I look awful!
I'm really dressed-down here...

No makeup... but I got my CJ7 necklace I got in China!

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