Why A Marshal? Not a Captain or Admiral?

Why a Marshal??? 

Well, hark ye closely, mum...

Ye see, in me real life I be what I be... and that be a Goodie-goodie if ye catch me drift...

However, Marshall Kändiß be a megalomaniac... and, ye see... 'tis nay fun unless she may be even more dynamic, flamboyant, and hyperbolic unless she can be even more Pirately outrageous than she could possibly be. Har-har!

'Tis nay fun to be a mere Captain when there be an Admiral 'round... and, if ye be among another Admiral, ye can nay out-rank 'em...

So... ye see... altho' their be many different systems o' nautical ranks... in a French rank, a Marshal outranks an Admiral!

Thus, in me presence I out-rank ye all!

An' so... I add the extra "L" because I be that much more absurdly, and proudly, a Megalomaniac.

Besides, Pirates care not for correctness of spelling, we make language however we sees fit! Arg!


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