Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year we actually did';t dress up that much, but we still had THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!

We're pretty broke, and most of the month I was VERY VERY SICK... I'm feeling better now... but last night we went HARD CORE trick-or-treating!

I was SO EXHAUSTED that I passed out at 10PM and slept until almost 11AM. 

We thought we were starting late, but everyone started later than us this year. We got LARGE CANDY BARS!
And, people gave us extra candy, and even the pick of the litter, because since Halloween was on a Friday this year, most folks went out to parties, events, or festivals. Not only THAT but BOSTON was #7 on the List of best places to trick-or-treat this year, so everyone headed over to Beacon Hill.

Honestly, it's not that we didn't want to dress-up... we did... but:
A.) We were broke
B.) the weather was bogged with uncertainty, and we weren't sure whether it would be warm, cold, or rainy...
C.) I'd been sick most of this month, and Heidi was sick most of September, and NEITHER of us wanted to get sick again, because it takes about 3-5 weeks to recover from a flu or a bad cold because we both have complicated asthma.
D.) I gained some weight due to illness this month, and fitting anything was another issue...

So, I just put on some makeup, and these feather lashes, and donned my long coat, shoved some umbrellas into my bag, and brought my gloves...

We set out after 4PM this year, nearly 4:30 which is a LATE start for us.... We usually knock on the first doors around 4-4:30... not leave the house at that time... It's an OLD tradition to trick-or-treat at 4/4:30 because it's light outside, and considered "safe" for children.... however, New England recently kinda doesn't observe this... they tend to prefer it at dark... and there's PLENTY of adults, fathers, and Police officers around to observe, protect, and so on...

I gotta tell ya, people in Massachusetts can be such jerk, and SO RUDE, and MEAN.... but with one exception: HALLOWEEN!



They are SOOOOOO GENEROUS! TOLERANT! POLITE! They even wave, hello, good-bye, hold open the doors, and say things like: Excuse me, Thank you... and HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

NEVER EVER will you hear them do that EXCEPT on HALLOWEEN!

This is MY bag of treats! Lot's of Chocolates! Did I NOT tell you how generous everyone was last night??? And, my bag is the MODEST BAG.

Heidi's bag was a whole shopping bag elbow deep! It most be about 45-50 lbs of candy, easily!

I'm actually pretty happy with the way my makeup came out.

I used this Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion, which actually worked REALLY WELL!
My forehead has lots of sun damage & "wisdom lines" which once I put makeup on makes me look OLD... however, when I mixed this with my basic coverup, and went over it with my mineral foundation powder it was incredibly less noticeable, including by my camera! BTW, all the makeup I used on my face was basic Drugstore brands, except of r my eyes which were the only High-end products.

On my eyes, I used eyeshadow by: Urban Decay's NAKED2 & NAKED3 palettes, Too Faced's Naked Eye & Natural Eye (Vintage) palettes, AVEDA's Give Twinkling Eyes palette, Victoria's Secret sparkling purple eyeshadow on a black base which was Physician's Formula.
The main gel eyeliner I used was my old tried & true Eyestudio black by Maybelline.
My coverup was just typical old Coverstick by Covergirl, and the black feather eyelashes are by Adelle.

The mineral powder foundations were all by Physicians' Formula, and L'Oreal, including the bronzer which was by Physician's Formula, and a hint of Too Faced... but not much, because it's too orange.

Lipsticks are contour layered with Revlon & L'Oreal.

For the record, I generally HATE products by L'Oreal, other than SOME of their lip products... but this Urban Decay Primer Potion eliminated the allergic reactions I generally get from their foundations and other face products, and I experiences no over drying, nor shiny wrinkling or shriveling usually accompanying these products.

Oh, and my hair has been growing back MUCH MUCH thicker lately! YES!
Moroccan Argan Oil is AWESOME! It really works!

One of these days, in the future I would LOVE to trick-or-treat in SALEM!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ocean City New Jersey Mid August 2014

I'd very much LOVE to no longer have crazy summers... that would be lovely... but, this year's crazy summer, had a SPECIAL DAY in which I went with my baby brother & his family + my father & his wide with my daughter to Ocean City New Jersey.

Here I am covered up in the Kaftan I made + the new summer hat I got earlier this summer & trying not to get bunrt... and failing anyways...

Libby bought me the new sunglasses.

Ocean City was one of the cities his REALLY BAD in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy.... on an ironically weird twist, Governor Chris Christie was actually there judging a dog show thingy of sorts, and I actually crossed paths with him.
No, seriously. The man was right in front of me on the sidewalk on the way back to the car.

He is actually NOT very large in person. He seems huge on TV, and in videos & photos, but in person he just seemed normal. He's somewhat overweight, but it just seemed like a normal sized dude his age.
I'm not a fan of him, or anything... but, he was very polite & pleasant in person and addressed & welcomed every person that went up to talk to him. His voice actually sounded slightly effeminate tho' in person. Other than that he was just VERY normal & plain looking. Nothing like on TV or media.

I just stayed quiet and allowed the people to meet & greet him, which was blocking the way. He's popular in Ocean City, for obvious reasons. I guess since we stood there and waited to get through/by it gave him a chance to go, which he did, while still shaking hands of random people wanting to meet him.

There were actually protestors on the boardwalk earlier, but they weren't nasty or rude like on TV. The were quiet, and held up sighs while looking as tho' they might pass out from heat stroke despite it not being too hot.

Also that day was a Baby Parade on the boardwalk, and also some beauty queens in the parade waving to everyone.

 I've heard so many times from so many people whom hate on "beach bums". My brother's family was a fine group of folks that everyone just seems to LOVE to hate on them. I've heard that they're lazy, they're full of themselves, or any number of judgements about their lifestyle...

But, all I have to say to that, and anyone else hating on "beach bums" is: Why don't you try spending a day with those 'beach bums"? Seriously!

Turns out my brother's family LOVES their state, and LOVES supporting Ocean City which was devastated not JUST by THE BIGGEST NATURAL DISASTER in New Jersey, and the East Coast USA EVER, but also economically twice over.

It's a "dry" beach (no drinking), and THE cleanest NJ beach I have EVER been too. It's also THE safest, and the #1 rated beach on the east Coast. I only saw ONE piece of litter on the ENTIRE BEACH and the water was CLEANER & CLEANER than REHOBETH DE!

Something sort of magical happened at the beach that day.
The waves themselves were already rather rhythmic, so I decided to be meditative, and just "feel" the moment, which I haven't done since that time I went with my friend Kyle & Lindsay to Venice Beach in Hollywood.  I started getting into my meditative groove, which I do sometimes, and found myself going further & further into the waves several times... and it was like I felt myself "connecting with my inner child".

My daughter also "let go" and began playing more & more in the ocean... 

And, it became infectious! Next thing I knew I was out in the Ocean with my sister-in-law like we were kids and just being totally full of joy & happiness. No stress, no ego, no agenda... just innocence & joy. Like we connected with the earth, The sun, and the ocean...

We laughed & giggled like children! It was a great feeling! Then, my brother joined us, and it was like we were all children again! Pure & innocent! It was utter bliss!

I have an issue with salt, and I bloat up... but I just forgot about it when I was in the water, and just laughed & swam around feeling the waveforms of the water which increased in energy & force as the day went on, and sometimes pulled us under.

Next thing I knew, I was on a boogie board & surfing!
My brother made me do it, and I was doing it with my sister-in-law and my daughter!
Next thing I knew Libby, my step mother, was surfing too!!!!

WHAT????? NO WAY!!!!!

I learned a lot that day. Nature is the cure for everything.

After that day my psoriasis went away! GONE!

 Hey look up!!!! It's FLYING YUPPIES!!! 

 So, anyways... if you're one of those types of folks that don't know what to do with yourself at the beach, and rank on "beach bums" just try going with those folks, and let go.  Connect with nature, and your inner humanity.

Ocean City is full of people that take pride in this place we live in and call home. You should try it. Really connect with it.

if you'd like to see more of the photos I shot from Ocean City New Jersey you can see by other blog posts of that morning, and afternoon when I was there, as well as on my Flickr album.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Boho Chic Early Summer

These were a few photos I shot way way back, like may or June. This was was actually somewhat humid, just not too hot. But, they turned out horribly.

I was going through an incredibly stressful situation trying to help something, and someone, and all Hell broke loose... I couldn't get sleep...

And, I guess I have a "hero complex" or a "heroic archetype" of a personality, that I just can't stand to see helpless individuals undergo horrible things, situations, etc...

Unfortunately... if you've ever watched "Game of Thrones" and know what happened when Daenerys went out of her way to help amend some injustices, and help some people, they pretty much turned on her later on in utter ingratitude, and made Hell in her life needlessly, and tragically in the first season.

So, that's what pretty much occurred on my end, just in a different way...

So, if I look like I've been through Hell.... yeah, it's kinda something like that....

But, that's OK... because when it's all done, and over with, it'll be a whole other situation for... well, can't say. But, I'll be the one with some dragons, so to speak (metaphorically).

Ridicule from people that can't be bothered doesn't mean Jack to me. Because all the ridicule u can spew out won't change what I understand, and doesn't evaporate truth.

I understand what "lazy" really is. And, there's a difference between lazy and exhaustion + stress... and if I'm the lazy one, then why is it I'm so exhausted from all the "work" I did. It's called due diligence by some, if not many

I've done MORE homework just THIS year, than I have done in all the years on my entire life combined. But, this genie can't stay in the bottle.

Again, sorry for being cryptic... but, I'm heading in a good direction now. And, when my ship comes in, I'm gonna help quite a bit of people that truly deserve it.

I couldn't care less about revenge... I'll be too busy with all the good stuff. :D And, by good, I'm not talking some selfish egotistical self-centered something. I mean, I'm gonna do quite a bit to help the people I love.

That's about all I can say... legally.

But, here's some more music:

So far this summer...

Quite a bit of my projects are still on hold due to some pending stuff tied up with stuff, let's say overseas, including funds and issues involving delays, and so on, and some greedy, arrogant, pompous jerks. Quite frustrating, really. But, whatever...

I wouldn't wish this onto anyone, what I've endured. Just managing my stress, and doing better now.

I blogged about quite a bit of the exercise stuff I've been up to all summer on my other blog here.

I'm going somewhere next week. Gonna be gone for a while... not too long.

I just hope my other stuff doesn't interfere with it. Hopefully, it won't... on the other hand, in a way, I wouldn't mind, but, it'll make make work for me...

Sorry, to be cryptic, but I have legal reasons to considder.

But, I do know for a fact, there's quite a lot of good things going on. I just can't disclose what those are, nor how I know, nor why.

Anyways, It's been a pretty musical summer for me. I keep getting popular on 8Tracks. Every day I get several likes or followers, and I have a wide list of "albums" of "mixes" now. I've been doing quite a bit of ambient, New Age, ethnic, and bohemian stuff this summer... but, also still do lots of TECHNO... I just haven't made a techno list in a while.

I thought I'd share some of my newer mixes:

I actually haven't done much photography this year...

But, I do have some new stuff on Flickr.

But, I frequently vacillate from a 90s Nostalgia Generation X kick, to Bohemian flavor or fantasy, or SciFi.

Whatever... gotta do my artist thing...

I will be posting some of my photography to my Photo blog.  I mostly only did some flowers & lake/pond study/focus stuffs... nothing major.

I've also been sketching this summer with my daughter, but it's crap. :-/

Oh, and I LOVE plants!

I finally got stuff to grow on my overly shady so-called balcony (on the first floor). Blueberries!!!

I'm also growing lemongrass,greens, lentils, aloe vera, parsley, and herbs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cold Summer

This is probably THE coldest summer EVER! Last summer wasn't exactly all that hot... but it was at this time of the year for about 2-3 weeks... then, kept having boomerang warmth in the Autumn...

I heard that in other parts of the nation it's been having record breaking highs, and heat waves... but, that's not really happening much in the North East, let alone Greater Boston...

Anyways.... I DID get a new hat.
here I am at the pool... it's mostly too cold to go in the pool, but I have gone in this week & last week almost every day. At least today & yesterday were actually SUMMER WEATHER!

Most of the spring, and summer so far I'm usually wearing a sweater... or, it it's a bit too warm for a sweater, I still felt a chill and would wear my robes. They look like Japanese kimonos, but they're actually vintage robes from Frederick's of Hollywood.

This was in the end of May & early June, when we suddenly had a warm burst of weather, which abruptly ended after a few days and became a chilly nonstop downpour..

yep... me with no makeup in the late spring...

I actually got some makeup last month... I barely paid that much for these. I collected my coupons, and shopped sales, and saved coins like pennies, nickles, etc. and got these. I paid NOWHERE near full price, and NOT even half price total for all of these new gel eyeshadows.

As far as a drugstore brand, I actually like Maybelline, Covergirl, and Physician's Formula. Sometimes I like Revlon, Rimmel, and Milani, and if anyone carries "Wet N Wild" I love those! But, it's hard to find around here.
"Hard Candy" is good also at Walmart.

Well, I LOVE these Maybelline gel eyeshadows so much! The formulas have improved since they first came out also. They really last all day, or all night, and I love using them.

One is a rose-gold colored called "Caramel Color" and the other one is a white mother-of-pearl nacre color called "Too Cool"

Here's my whole collection so far...

Then, I went and got this one, which is a loose pigments, and I think I paid LESS than $2 with my coupons! ^,^
It's a Duo Chrome Pink/Magenta color with an iridescent shift of blue or purple opal.

Me at the pool this week!

I also got lucky n got some moeny end of may, and I bought this pair of falsies at Ulta, which was my first time ever shopping there.

And, I also went to Sephora, and got something from Urban Decay. It's a primer & pore filler.

My sister-in-law gave me this gift:

And, since I've been having an issue with thinning hair, I used my gifted money to get stuff to help try to fix that problem.

Oh, and I finally finished this necklace... but, it looks too November/December-ish, and I think I might redo it as a belt someday...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Black & White Boho

Since I lost my sunlight, I went for some black and white.

Hit or Miss Bohemian 01

I spent about 2-3 hours getting my makeup just right, for this shoot... when the sun disappeared... it would come back, unexpectedly, but as soon as I got focus... well... u know... no more sun light...

You can see how dull & dingy my hair is... this was just before I started using argan oil products, that was a gift of sorts to me.

Then, as soon as I came back into the building, wouldn't you know? My necklace broke!

So... yeah, these are utterly horrid... sorry...

But, I tried....

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Robed Bohemian 004

That should do it... I think that's it for the ones I shot this day, end of May 2014.

I have other ones, but, they're REALLY TERRIBLE.

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