Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cold Summer

This is probably THE coldest summer EVER! Last summer wasn't exactly all that hot... but it was at this time of the year for about 2-3 weeks... then, kept having boomerang warmth in the Autumn...

I heard that in other parts of the nation it's been having record breaking highs, and heat waves... but, that's not really happening much in the North East, let alone Greater Boston...

Anyways.... I DID get a new hat.
here I am at the pool... it's mostly too cold to go in the pool, but I have gone in this week & last week almost every day. At least today & yesterday were actually SUMMER WEATHER!

Most of the spring, and summer so far I'm usually wearing a sweater... or, it it's a bit too warm for a sweater, I still felt a chill and would wear my robes. They look like Japanese kimonos, but they're actually vintage robes from Frederick's of Hollywood.

This was in the end of May & early June, when we suddenly had a warm burst of weather, which abruptly ended after a few days and became a chilly nonstop downpour..

yep... me with no makeup in the late spring...

I actually got some makeup last month... I barely paid that much for these. I collected my coupons, and shopped sales, and saved coins like pennies, nickles, etc. and got these. I paid NOWHERE near full price, and NOT even half price total for all of these new gel eyeshadows.

As far as a drugstore brand, I actually like Maybelline, Covergirl, and Physician's Formula. Sometimes I like Revlon, Rimmel, and Milani, and if anyone carries "Wet N Wild" I love those! But, it's hard to find around here.
"Hard Candy" is good also at Walmart.

Well, I LOVE these Maybelline gel eyeshadows so much! The formulas have improved since they first came out also. They really last all day, or all night, and I love using them.

One is a rose-gold colored called "Caramel Color" and the other one is a white mother-of-pearl nacre color called "Too Cool"

Here's my whole collection so far...

Then, I went and got this one, which is a loose pigments, and I think I paid LESS than $2 with my coupons! ^,^
It's a Duo Chrome Pink/Magenta color with an iridescent shift of blue or purple opal.

Me at the pool this week!

I also got lucky n got some moeny end of may, and I bought this pair of falsies at Ulta, which was my first time ever shopping there.

And, I also went to Sephora, and got something from Urban Decay. It's a primer & pore filler.

My sister-in-law gave me this gift:

And, since I've been having an issue with thinning hair, I used my gifted money to get stuff to help try to fix that problem.

Oh, and I finally finished this necklace... but, it looks too November/December-ish, and I think I might redo it as a belt someday...

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