Friday, August 8, 2014

So far this summer...

Quite a bit of my projects are still on hold due to some pending stuff tied up with stuff, let's say overseas, including funds and issues involving delays, and so on, and some greedy, arrogant, pompous jerks. Quite frustrating, really. But, whatever...

I wouldn't wish this onto anyone, what I've endured. Just managing my stress, and doing better now.

I blogged about quite a bit of the exercise stuff I've been up to all summer on my other blog here.

I'm going somewhere next week. Gonna be gone for a while... not too long.

I just hope my other stuff doesn't interfere with it. Hopefully, it won't... on the other hand, in a way, I wouldn't mind, but, it'll make make work for me...

Sorry, to be cryptic, but I have legal reasons to considder.

But, I do know for a fact, there's quite a lot of good things going on. I just can't disclose what those are, nor how I know, nor why.

Anyways, It's been a pretty musical summer for me. I keep getting popular on 8Tracks. Every day I get several likes or followers, and I have a wide list of "albums" of "mixes" now. I've been doing quite a bit of ambient, New Age, ethnic, and bohemian stuff this summer... but, also still do lots of TECHNO... I just haven't made a techno list in a while.

I thought I'd share some of my newer mixes:

I actually haven't done much photography this year...

But, I do have some new stuff on Flickr.

But, I frequently vacillate from a 90s Nostalgia Generation X kick, to Bohemian flavor or fantasy, or SciFi.

Whatever... gotta do my artist thing...

I will be posting some of my photography to my Photo blog.  I mostly only did some flowers & lake/pond study/focus stuffs... nothing major.

I've also been sketching this summer with my daughter, but it's crap. :-/

Oh, and I LOVE plants!

I finally got stuff to grow on my overly shady so-called balcony (on the first floor). Blueberries!!!

I'm also growing lemongrass,greens, lentils, aloe vera, parsley, and herbs.

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