Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some Skirts

Not sure it the black n white skirt it piratey enough... But, I'll probably use the blue one. Got a number of skirts...

Vintage Leather

The black pants are really old. Maybe created in 1994, but I got them on sale for my 16th birthday.

I am planning to disassemble them n refurbish them. I don't like the 80s/90s khaki cut look, n they were made by Wilson leather cut for men's hips, not women's.

The leather top is vintage 2001, popularized style worn by Aaliyah before she died from Wet Seal.

Blue Custom Dragon Qipao From Manchuria

I'm sorta sick of always blue qipao dresses! This one was custom made for me in China. It's slightly blue-green.

But it's not really what I wanted. Anything I actually liked, everyone would veto. So, I got stuck w this. No one in the family even likes it either. No one lets me wear it anywhere.

But, Westerners think it's dandy. Whatever... 

I already have another qipao that's blue....

Also, this is probably the most expensive item of clothing I own.

Red n Black Fringe

Vintage stuff in red n black.(Wet Seal 2001)
Gonna do something w this somehow...

Midriffs/Choli & cocktail gown

The Mongolia Brocade Dress I Made

I'm moat likely going to disassemble this dress since I'm unhappy with it.

I will most likely incorporate it into my gahwazee coat.

Vintage Turn of The Millennium McClintock Gown

This is probably 1 of the most expensive peices of fashion I own. It's a Scott McClintock strapless evening gown purchased in 2002 at Lord n Taylor in cash ( over $300) back when I was a wealthy business owner at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Greater Boston.

I've never actually worn the gown to an event because I got pregnant.

I purchased the gown for a bridal photo-shoot. It's very Disney looking, and has glitter n rhinestones. It's nylon satin in 2 hues. Blue and purple.

Vintage Dusters

My vintage Dusters! I think I bought them anywhere from 1997-2001. I have more somewhere...

Gonna make something out of these

These are,some old vintage blouses. I'm gonna, someday, disassemble them n  they will become something new.

Not sure what, yet...

More Vintage stuff for more possibilities

All kinds of stuffs!
More ideas!