Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014: What an INSANE YEAR!

What an INSANE YEAR! And, by insane, I mean medically insane people EVERYWHERE! 
2014 was TERRIBLE!!!!!

Junkies (plural), druggies, corruption, thieves, hackers, back stabbers, psychotic folks, nosy people, fights, flame wars, car accidents, suicidal people, vandalism, racism, and all kinds of bullshit & frauds, shady business practices, ants, hornets, spiders, etc! Oh, and I'm NOT referring to the news, I MEAN IN MY PERSONAL LIFE! WTF!!!!!! 1 thing after another, often multiples of the same fucked-up things, like a never ending barrage of hate, violence, attack, spies, etc.

Am and SO glad that shit is over! -I hope! *knocks wood*

I could not get a damned thing done! EVER! My nerves were shot, and often times the LAST place I wanted to be was online, or to express anything about it publicly... I was just trying to keep my own scruples! Yuck!

Not only that, but I was constantly sick, stressed out, and either I had insomnia so bad, or I couldn't get out of bed.

Lets never do that again, OK? 

I am not making any plans, yet... I've been nursing my health... Finally got to go to see a chiropractor. It helps me SO MUCH! My lungs just WERE NOT HEALING since late September, and my asthma was terrible... but, the moment I got my first spinal adjustment last month, I could fill my whole lungs with breath, and could sleep.

I'm only finally at a point where I can get back to doing some yoga... but, I still need to be careful, and also stay out of the cold air...


So, why the new design?

Well, in 2013, when I first started this blog, they had the new "Dynamic View" template which was a design for pads or e-readers, like iPad, and Galaxy... but it was VERY limited in what content you could apply to it... Google made it seem as tho' they would be updating it, but, they never did...

Truthfully, this IS MY MOST POPULAR BLOG I have EVER CREATED in my whole entire history of blogging, or online journaling... Even with barely any posts for whole long periods during 2014, I still consistently got views, hits, readers, etc.

But, since the "dynamic view" format capped the amount of ads I could utilize, I lost out on so much revenue. That left me with one option, switch the format to an older scripting format. So, that's what happened. 

I'm sorry it won't load as quickly in the e-readers, but even mega successful armchair bloggers don't use e-reader formatting, just the old stuff.

So, I've been reprogramming this whole blog... and programming is just NOT my strong point, so there's limits to what I can do...

I will ALSO be expanding my monetization horizons. Look,that's just the way it is... I put SO MUCH WORK into this blog, so there's no reason why I shouldn't expand my options, ya know?

Luckily, the traffic to this blog is decent.

And, I can also program my other internet content strait into this blog format, where as the other format would block much of the external content/widgets. It was VERY frustrating as a blogger.

Anyways, I'm very grateful to Google, as a contractor, but, I still want more options... ya know?

Now, I can get my Flattr widgets to work. No more glitching. I can share more content, easily, and even work around the limits with Google/Google+ connections.


I've also started a Bohemian/Boho Chic Hippie-ish themed blog... but, since Google won't let me monetize it until 6 months form now, I scheduled the posts to post much later.. Right now, the posts showing on it are pretty much nothing...

Oh, and my Music Blog finally got the green light for monetization! W00t!

However, at this moment, as I'm typing this,both of those blogs are quite terrible, and need some tweeking.... I know, they stink.

But, based on what I got done with this blog today, I think both will turn out really well once I get around to them.

And, that brings me to Instagram.

My Instagram is getting popular again. I went through it in 2012-2013... but, it died down, and then this year (2015) it started back up again.

So, go follow me on Instagram: BlackUniGryphon


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