Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Design Tweeking And Online Pirate Wenches

So, I've been re-tweeking the blog design. I think it's going rather well.

The new background image is done. And, the e-reader/mobile version loads in nanoseconds!

I hope you like it! 

I believe Pirate Pebbs has updated some of her cross dresser blog stuff as well, and she had an insane year also... we're both Virgo solar signs in the Zodiac.

I do also like (Crowned Queen of Pirates) Scarlett Harlott however, to my knowledge, she doesn't blog.

I also found Lady Pepper Cosplayer on Instagramand
And also on Facebook

Looking great!

A photo posted by Cindy A.K.A. Lady Pepper (@ladypeppercosplayer) on

A photo posted by Cindy A.K.A. Lady Pepper (@ladypeppercosplayer) on

Well..... so long as all Hell doesn't break loose, I've been doing #ThrowBackThursday on Instagram last week, and am looking forward to doing that again this week.

And, so long as nobody dies, or hell still hasn't broken loose, I might be able to do something for Chinese New Year.

In the meantime, enjoy my Photography, arts, and Boho Chic/Hippie stuff I keep sharing on Instagram. It's so popular, it's blowing up. I hope *crosses fingers* to move onto monetizing my new Boho/Gypset Blog by summer. I do have some my Bohemian Prom photos scheduled to pot in April/May... so look out for that.

If you don't yet use blog feed readers, I suggest using Feedly. It's free if you log on via Google. And, they have free apps also.

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