Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Pirating Online!

Ahoy! This be the blog o' none other than Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate Wench. In other words: me. Har-har!

There be plenty o' things to read, or photos to gander, and stories o' me whiles all o'er the place.

Ye may read my "pages", or the many, many entries I have here logged. Aye, 'tis a bonny bright blog here, indeed.

Hark ye closely, for I be tweeking this blog quite a bit.

If ye so wish it, then pray tell please leave yer comments upon the entries. Har-har!

Do be of good form, and altho' all us pirates are often up to our wicked whiles, we also have a code of conduct, so do be of respectful & honorable conduct entreatment in yer comments, ye lads & lasses.

Avast & halt yer spammers & spam-bots. We dinneh want yer crud here, so shove-off and begone!


FEEDLY & Blog-Feeds:

For those o' ye that know not much of blog-feeds and such apps, I recommend ye to get the app Feedly, or even use it from yer PC browser.There are o' course other blog-feer readers/apps out there. yet, Feedly is quite simple, and ye may log-in via yer Google account easily. Har-har!


Here be some o' me Instagram photo actions currently taking place:

A photo posted by Kandice Zimblemam-Wang 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

A photo posted by Kandice Zimblemam-Wang 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

Perhaps, if things go well, I might be able to do something nice, for Chinese New Year, coming up next month. So, do return for to see if that works out.

In the meantime, I do have a poll which you can vote on in the side bar.

And, have yerself a nice stay at me blog. Har-har!

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  1. BTW: Just did #ThrowbackThursday over on Instagram, so go check it out.