Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bellydance Lace-up Sleeves That I Made

Lace-up Sleeves That I Made For my belly dance bedleh (costume).

I didn't make the coin-bra but I DID take it apart and alter it.

I made the sleeve-cuffs because I'd seen many other dancers wear something similar, usually cabaret dancers, but even Gothic Tribal Fusion dancers.

I had lots of old vintage silk from China that was given to me when I was in China from many old folks, and neighbors in China.

So, I thought I would use it. It's already made the harem pants/Turkish bloomers, which I bought a pattern to use for making it, and altered the design to fit what I personally wanted.

So, I made the flowing sleeves to match, and now I have a whole bedleh.

No one can seem to agree what to call this fashion item, but so many very well known dancers have some version of them. There was even a Gothic sewing pattern you can buy called "The corested Arm". But, as I don't have any money to spend on things like that, I just made up my own pseudo pattern with paper.

I measured my arms, made a paper mock-up, and went from there.

 The flowing parts of the sleeves I used ALL of the vintage fabrics I had. I made it look as tho' I had 2 layers of sleeve together, but they are sewn together.

The bigger part looks a bit like wings, and is rather whimsical.

But, the overlaying sheer sleeve with mini flowers (Blümchen) was inspired by sleeves by Moresca.
 I also have mini jingle bells on my sleeves, like the style of Moresca.

 The full bedleh (without coin bar or makeup or coin bra).

ALL entirely made by ME from old vintage Chinese silk. Including the hip-scarf!

(No I didn't make the NIKE sports bra.)

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