Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Friday, March 8, 2013

Halloween 2010 Tribal Fusion Bellydance Costume

 Sorry, they're NOT the best photos. Halloween 2010 was also REALLY COLD!

It started out OK, then, the temperature just DROPPED!

We didn't feel that well! We also took a fellow Girl Scout Leader on her FIRST ever Trick-or-treat since she had always previously believed that Halloween was some evil Holiday!

Religion is often STUPID!

Halloween in the USA is a SECULAR Holiday Tradition! You dress up, AND YOU GET FREE TREATS FORM TOTAL STRANGERS & NEIGHBORS!


AND, if you're at home that day, and you don't give out treats, it's supposed to be bad luck for you!
(probably, because you will get your house & car egged & covered with toilet paper! Ha-ha!)

Anyways, I NEVER do anything EVIL for Halloween, I just dress-up (often sexy) and GET MY FARE SHARE OF FREE STUFF!

What? You think you're TOO COOL to Trick-or-treat?

You know what? I've helped countless foreigners integrate into living here in the USA, and they LOVE Halloween!

They say:

What? You just wear a costume, or make your own, then you knock on people's doors, and they have to give you free candy or treats???



 Gotta cover-up!
It's was COLD that year!

 So many layers!
Sorry, it's a bad photo.



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