Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whitman's pond Gazebo 01

So funny/strange how what I look through the frames, and find the photos that I think look the best, then, I tweek the lighting in Photoshop and it turns out my eyes were closed!

But in the dark original frame, it doesn't look like my eyes are closed! And, yet, here you can see it!

But, I SWEAR to you, that is NOT a ink underskirt! It's purple! But, the camera sees it as pink!

I COULD tweek it to be more purple , but, it messes with the color scheme going on here... The outter circle skirt is a green skirt, made in India, that I bought in New Hope (PA) a number of years back with my friend "Drakenhart" (Hope).

Whitman's Pond in Weymouth (MA/USA) 
New England,                                            
Greater Boston South Shore                        
At The Gazebo                                                   

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