Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Monday, July 22, 2013


I was very happy once I could finally go swimming after surgery. The entire ordeal has been unpleasant, and a hassel.

So, here's me, at the pool, usually every day... around 4pm-7pm because I don't want to burn my skin.

It's been overall BETTER than previous years! Interactions w/neighbors are pleasant, nice, friendly... the kids share, get along much better now, and ever since I helped my daughter to be confident enough to swim on the deep end w/her S.C.U.B.A. mask she started challenging herself on her own, which lead to jumping etc., now virtually ALL the children swim on the deep end, including WAY WAY WAAAAY little children, AND without their "floaties" as they call them in the local tongue.

However, there was this incident with this racist druggie couple, especially the bleach blond, that mooned everyone, ranted racist comments, called a little girl "the 'c' word" in front of EVERYONE, then attacked the lifeguard, got arrested, etc...

I left right away! Got my daughter, and WE LEFT! 
Then, since my daughter & I have been into "mysteries" lately, such as Scooby-Doo, Harry potter, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and Where On Earth is Carmon Sandiego, turned out THIS woman became our rime suspect after an incident involving a double tire puncture with nails on our van. There were a number of clues, which we couldn't account for at first, but after investigating the entire matter, circumstances, evidence, and testimonials from my neighbors, a VERY clear picture emerged... 

Not, only is THAT woman being evicted, her lease is up, and she MUST leave by the 30th of THIS month. She's ALSO been arrested BEFORE, and singled out & targeted another neighbor... whom mysteriously found issues w/her own car, and scratched, around the same time (recently before the tire incident) as ours. 

This stuff goes deep. I'm talking court, police, authorities, break-ins (with video evidence), harassment, trespassing... n this is all to my other neighbor, whom is also ethnic... not only this, but this woman is in CLOSE connection to (personally) with the unit WE'VE had issues with over the years, I'm talking everything from prejudice, racial, to even racist.

I personally DO NOT care what language people speak at the pool. I speak Chinese often to my daughter at the pool.

But, other than that, going to the pool has been VERY good this year!

 So... here I am... I'm sure I look all beat-up, or run down, from surgery, and being so sick all year...
 But, this is me... for real...

No makeup.

Just all natural...
 Been trying to loose the weight...

but, when ur in poverty, ya can;t exactly afford to eat healthy CONSISTENTLY.

That's a luxury for AT LEAST the middle class...
 I've never felt so OLD before... It's kinda weird...

But, when I'm at the pool, I like to do some toning reps exercises.

I can do them pretty hardcore now.

But, the kids all LIKE me so much... no idea why... and they ALL want attention from me. I guess they have no concept of "I'm doing exercises, so please respect my privacy".

But, it's NOT a big deal. No matter how many times I say NO, they never give up... then, next thing I know, we're all like: Blah-blah-blah, then Ha-ha-ha!

Kids! :D
This is me all wet...

My swimsuit is reversible. I got it last year at Marshall's (South Weymouth) and it's by Juicy Couture. and has charms on the "strings". I got is SO cheap too!

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