Wednesday, July 31, 2013

photoshoot preview

I just got back from my photoshoot at Whitman's pond park, in Weymouth (MA/USA).

I did several experimental things with filters, n' loads of geeky things... But, I also did pirate cosplay & boho stuffs...

Like I said, I've been VERY sick this year, and even had emergency surgeries. I'm feeling better, mostly, now... I'm still not entirely heals, but, I did gain some weight... I'm not happy about it....

I'm at the point, now, where I can start to exercise. I've been swimming, doing yoga, and I started to get back into bellydance again (including last night).

My asthma is terrible, tho'... but, the yoga is helping...

I am also "fasting from FaceBook" for right now... NO, it's NOT a Ramadan thing... I'm NOT Islamic... but, peace be upon them anyways...

I have had a string of unlucky near-misses with this endeavor getting to Whitman's pond. Even today, a number of folks actually were chatty with me... which is unusual in MA... Then, of course the clouds blocked my light... I spent from about 3:30-7:30M there today.

So, I filled u my memory card on my camera. I'm frankly shocked the batteries lasted, since they usually DON'T.

But, I had some troubles with my camera once the humidity rolled in at dusk.... so, sometimes my camera wouldn't focus on the frames of ME, or became whitewashed, or TOO DARK.

It's a shame because the frames I LOVED of my poses are out of focus. :( I'm JUST a 1 woman show, so no tech crew with me.

So, this is my daughter, earlier this month, at Whitman's Pond, in the gazebo.
Whitman's pond Gazebo

Whitman's pond Gazebo

And, here she is inside it, shot from INSIDE it.

Whitman's pond Gazebo

This is me inside the gazebo, TODAY.... but, from my smartphone...

Still "fasting from FB" n doing the (creative & 'being with nature') stuff I'd rather be doing! Here I am at Whitman's Pond Park in Weymouth, doing 6 or 7 kinds of experimental #DSLR #photography !!! I'm in a custom #boho outfit as part of a #Selfportrait

So, here I am, in a variation of a new #bohochic #Pirate #wench #costume. I made the #hat . so this is me in the #gazebo at Whitman's Pond Park in Weymouth MA. Check my blog for updates n photos from the #photoshoot Marshall Kandiß The #Pyrate #cosplay #c

Pirating at the Whitman's Pond! #Pirate #wench #Pyrate #girl #lady #woman #Bohemian #boho #bohochic #chic #fashion #makeup #cosplay

 So, you can see here, a number of the photos have some lighting issues. I have no idea why, because even tho' I used my UV filter (which tends to darken the frame/photo) I still got very whitewashed photos then other times fine, but out of focus.

Then, it would switch and become too dark with no logical rhyme nor reason.

Luckily, much of the problems could be fixed easily with Photoshop.... which I was experimenting with earlier...

Also, my hormones desided to make me go through the cycle period twice this month. :-/ so, I'm ultra bloated...

It was either NO photos, or at least try... so, I went for it... I already put it off every day this month...

Besides, I would rather be doing things outside then being aggravated by FB... Some days, I swear I hate my computer, n want nothing to do with it.

 The sun totally blocked by the clouds, screwing u my pond photoshoot... but, those clouds still gave enough glare to my eyes to make me squint!

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