Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Monday, July 22, 2013

Crazy Summer

Recovering from surgery still.... I'm OK enough to work... but, I still need to go to the doctor every few weeks to clean out the dead scabbing tissues from inside my sinuses. My throat is fine tho'. :)

My keyboard is broken, so the letter "p" is broken. Only way I can type it is find a website in my history, scan for the letter, copy & paste. Stinx if u need 1 case size or the other... otherwise, I will type the number "9" instead.

Screwed up nearly ALL of my passwords, since I use this letter often in any number of passwords. :-/
So, gotta start over. Meh...

Good thing my computer log-in doesn't have that letter otherwise I couldn't use it!


Can't go to any festivals, fairs, etc... I'm broke... unemployed...

But, I'm finally well enough to go swimming, I can drive now, and I can sign legal papers.

I've been doing sewing all month....

I finally got to start the full sewing work on my Ghawazee Coat!

And, I also got a new hat, which I am turning into a pirate hat.

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