Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ocean City New Jersey Mid August 2014

I'd very much LOVE to no longer have crazy summers... that would be lovely... but, this year's crazy summer, had a SPECIAL DAY in which I went with my baby brother & his family + my father & his wide with my daughter to Ocean City New Jersey.

Here I am covered up in the Kaftan I made + the new summer hat I got earlier this summer & trying not to get bunrt... and failing anyways...

Libby bought me the new sunglasses.

Ocean City was one of the cities his REALLY BAD in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy.... on an ironically weird twist, Governor Chris Christie was actually there judging a dog show thingy of sorts, and I actually crossed paths with him.
No, seriously. The man was right in front of me on the sidewalk on the way back to the car.

He is actually NOT very large in person. He seems huge on TV, and in videos & photos, but in person he just seemed normal. He's somewhat overweight, but it just seemed like a normal sized dude his age.
I'm not a fan of him, or anything... but, he was very polite & pleasant in person and addressed & welcomed every person that went up to talk to him. His voice actually sounded slightly effeminate tho' in person. Other than that he was just VERY normal & plain looking. Nothing like on TV or media.

I just stayed quiet and allowed the people to meet & greet him, which was blocking the way. He's popular in Ocean City, for obvious reasons. I guess since we stood there and waited to get through/by it gave him a chance to go, which he did, while still shaking hands of random people wanting to meet him.

There were actually protestors on the boardwalk earlier, but they weren't nasty or rude like on TV. The were quiet, and held up sighs while looking as tho' they might pass out from heat stroke despite it not being too hot.

Also that day was a Baby Parade on the boardwalk, and also some beauty queens in the parade waving to everyone.

 I've heard so many times from so many people whom hate on "beach bums". My brother's family was a fine group of folks that everyone just seems to LOVE to hate on them. I've heard that they're lazy, they're full of themselves, or any number of judgements about their lifestyle...

But, all I have to say to that, and anyone else hating on "beach bums" is: Why don't you try spending a day with those 'beach bums"? Seriously!

Turns out my brother's family LOVES their state, and LOVES supporting Ocean City which was devastated not JUST by THE BIGGEST NATURAL DISASTER in New Jersey, and the East Coast USA EVER, but also economically twice over.

It's a "dry" beach (no drinking), and THE cleanest NJ beach I have EVER been too. It's also THE safest, and the #1 rated beach on the east Coast. I only saw ONE piece of litter on the ENTIRE BEACH and the water was CLEANER & CLEANER than REHOBETH DE!

Something sort of magical happened at the beach that day.
The waves themselves were already rather rhythmic, so I decided to be meditative, and just "feel" the moment, which I haven't done since that time I went with my friend Kyle & Lindsay to Venice Beach in Hollywood.  I started getting into my meditative groove, which I do sometimes, and found myself going further & further into the waves several times... and it was like I felt myself "connecting with my inner child".

My daughter also "let go" and began playing more & more in the ocean... 

And, it became infectious! Next thing I knew I was out in the Ocean with my sister-in-law like we were kids and just being totally full of joy & happiness. No stress, no ego, no agenda... just innocence & joy. Like we connected with the earth, The sun, and the ocean...

We laughed & giggled like children! It was a great feeling! Then, my brother joined us, and it was like we were all children again! Pure & innocent! It was utter bliss!

I have an issue with salt, and I bloat up... but I just forgot about it when I was in the water, and just laughed & swam around feeling the waveforms of the water which increased in energy & force as the day went on, and sometimes pulled us under.

Next thing I knew, I was on a boogie board & surfing!
My brother made me do it, and I was doing it with my sister-in-law and my daughter!
Next thing I knew Libby, my step mother, was surfing too!!!!

WHAT????? NO WAY!!!!!

I learned a lot that day. Nature is the cure for everything.

After that day my psoriasis went away! GONE!

 Hey look up!!!! It's FLYING YUPPIES!!! 

 So, anyways... if you're one of those types of folks that don't know what to do with yourself at the beach, and rank on "beach bums" just try going with those folks, and let go.  Connect with nature, and your inner humanity.

Ocean City is full of people that take pride in this place we live in and call home. You should try it. Really connect with it.

if you'd like to see more of the photos I shot from Ocean City New Jersey you can see by other blog posts of that morning, and afternoon when I was there, as well as on my Flickr album.

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