Friday, March 27, 2015

National Cleavage Day?

National Cleavage Day? 

I'm not really even sure whether this post in all that necessary. Pirates and cleavage, kinda go hand in hand... Oops! did that sound dirty?

Well, I must say cleavage is kinda what we all enjoy about looking at the female human form. It's nice.

However, some folks take their enjoyment too far, and my inbox on much social media indicates this far too much.

Of course, it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt...

Anyways, much of my cosplay photos have photos of pretty much all of me, not just my chest. I mostly stopped having photos of myself on facebook with cleavage because some men out there can't understand boundaries, or that a human being with cleavage is also still a human being with thoughts, feelings, etc, let alone even a person.

I'm also not feeling well at all this week. I was sick most of the winter and was feeling better this month until last weekend, when everyone caught some kind of weird virus, like a very bad cold, or something... I hardly feel sexy at all. I feel tired.

But, I'm sure if appreciating the visual beauty of the female form, such as mine, is appealing to you, you of course can search this entire blog, and my Flickr gallery.

I am not, however, a prostitute, and I'm not looking for hook-ups, or lovers, or side pieces. I'm not even single. I'm an artist, like many, many other artists whom are women.

All of the stuff you see here on this blog, and several others, are just other variations of my artistic expressions, of which I am capable of much. This is ART. It's not real. I'm not actually a Pirate. It's cosplay. So, keep that in mind.

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