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Corset Deal

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nautical Modern Art Tapestry Sculpture

I tried blogging these photos from my smartphone, but the app kept malfunctioning... I don't know why, because it always worked fine before...

So, in case you STILL didn't know, I've actually been VERY ill this entire 2013, and never truly been well. The photos I've been publishing I shot on 2 different days in either March or April on days when I was at least OK enough that I wasn't vomiting, or extremely exhausted from my whole body being infected from my sinus, chest, ears, and throat infection seeping into my blood... or stomach...So, if I look sick to you (because I see myself in the photos and I'm like: DANG!) it's because I was VERY sick. I've gone through a very cruel version of musical chairs with healthcare plans, start and end dates with 3 plans in the perios of 2 months.
Anyways, I was at the Quincy Medical Center when I shot these on my smartphone, waiting for my spouse to pick me up from my x-ray day a few days before my major surgery.

I had triple surgery in my nose, sinus, and had my tonsils removed. There's a long story about that too, but I'm fed up with telling it.

The entire year, I've been really irritable, cranky, grouch, uncomfortable, unhealthy, and fed up with bureaucracy and the snide comments of people whom take 1 look at me (like a nurse) and say stuff like "Well, you don't look sick to me." Except if they even knew what it felt like even for a fraction of a second, they'd scream.

When I got the diagnosis from the specialist, I felt relieved that someone could actually point to specific problems, and the causes, even tho' I was complaining about something else, which was caused by something that I'd already just decided to put up with and, was ignoring just to live day by day...

Unfortunately, it's no happy ending yet, because I'm still in recovery, not allowed to legally drive, on Percosets (Oxycodone w/acetaminophen: an opiate narcotic pain medication)  throughout the day, which make u spaced out, and gave me impacted stools constipation... and, NO stool softeners don;t work... they only way to amend the excruciating pain & bleeding is manually by hand... I'm not even allowed to go swimming either, let alone go to a job interview...

At times I could not even swallow my med because my stomach was upset, and you are supposed to inject food with or preferrably before u even take the meds... but I can;t swallow if my throat is swollen... not, only that but I couldn't drink fluids because my nasal passages were blocked, and I often choked on the water, and the medical staff wasn't much help at all... (if I really wanted, I could write a very long diatribe about, and a totally justified rant about the entire experience, ubt I'm just wanting to get past it..)

Anyways, I just thought I would share these...

They were a kind of nautical modern art tapestry sculpture  made entirely of woven threads (and I'm guessing glue and some kind of framework inside).

They are located in the lobby of the Quincy Medical Center (Boston area).

Sorry, they are cellphone low quality photos... but, better than nothing....

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