Friday, November 1, 2013

Want to Photo With Me?

Want to do some Photography with me?
Want to dress up with me?
Want to model for/with me? 

This is a bit experimental for me... so, I'm just kinda putting it out there....

Whimsical pirate wench II


So, if YOU would like to reach out to me, get in touch with me, maybe we would work something out.

Have a costume? Want me to photograph you?

Contact me, maybe we can work that out....

But, I want to be perfectly CLEAR, you MUST behave professionally, appropriately, composed, courteous, polite. I take my art, and my artistic endeavors VERY seriously.

* I must also point out: I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE!

* I will NOT stand for ANY inappropriate touching, grabbing, comments, gestures, unwanted sexual attention, sexual harassment, etc. You may NOT EVER pressure me for sexual favors etc. End of story. [period]

I generally don't have much money, income, nor a personally owned vehicle of my very own. I also have time restrictions, because I have a child that goes to school weekly from Mon-Fri. And, my spouse is also an obstacle for me to navigate around.

So, if you're respectful to me, I'll be respectful to you. Makes total sense, right?

So, if you WOULD like to get together with me to do some photography, we'd have to work out where, when, how, etc....

I realized times ARE TOUGH (believe me I know, I'm on food stamps) so, if you really DON'T have money to pay for it, perhaps we could work out some kind of beneficially mutual arrangement, still have fun, get something done, and everyone is happy. (And, NO, I'm NOT a Communist.)

If I JUST sat around waiting for folks to just contact me, n throw moneys at me, I'd NEVER get anything done, there'd be NO fun in my life, and I'd NEVER have done ALL OF THIS!

For now, I'm MOSTLY focusing in the Greater Boston Area.

I'm on the South Shore... so, if you're on the North Shore... gosh- I dunno how I would get there... but, we'd have to figure something out.

I am actually originally from The Greater Philadelphia area, and I do still go down there (tho' I wish more frequently), so it's possible for me to meet up with whomever for a potential project in future unknown whenever dates. Who knows? If you are in THAT area go to Dr. Thunder Karaoke in West Philly & South Philly and get to know Pirate Pebbs, also an excellent, National Award winning photographer & artist, and she & I could possibly work something out. (Search them on on FaceBook)

* This is intended for SERIOUS ARTISTIC collaborations, artists, creatives, persons with and education in this subject matter, long periods of study in arts, or consistent self study, true to heart, photography/video, costume making, creative modeling, makeup, expressive personalities, having a serious portfolio or body of work, preferably with some kind of credentials, or a resume of sorts. 
SERIOUS, and seriousness, not frivolous, vain, pointlessness. 

Contact me, comment, Tweet me, send me a message on FB.

Let me know, maybe we could work something out.

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