Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poll: Which makeup should I use?

The weather has been nice, albeit erratic... However, if the cherry blossoms in my neighborhood should happen to FINALLY OPEN, since the opened everywhere else in a less than a 10 mile radius, I would like to try some photography...

I'll probably post JUST the Sakura stuff on my Photography blog... but, I've been wanting to do a Cosplay one in Spring for a while... but, weather or illness stopped me from doing that.

Anyways, if you would like to vote on which makeup I should use, I opened a Poll up!

Find the Poll HERE

I generally use 2 kinds of eye makeup styles (stage makeup or clubbing makeup) for my Pirate wench character.

Dark Dramatic Extreme Smokey Cat Eyes:
1 is the dark dramatic smoke eyes, usually the cat eye kind, and often very extreme.

Eurodance Raver Light Eyelids:
The other is the light eyelid style, which can also be a cateye, and can get extreme. It's very ballet stage makeup-ish & late 1990s Eurodance ravers/night cludding look, with either white or metalics...


Urban Decay NAKED3 Palette

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette

AVEDA "Give Twinkling Eyes" Palette

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