Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fine Chinese Spirits

A lovely fine drink, for a lovely fine afternoon!

Aye! I require double shot glasses to enjoy this!
Double the fine enjoyment,
Double the fun!

So, I went to this so-called luau party... New Englanders are clueless as to anything Polynesian... I raved, I danced, I had fun. Flocks of children  wanted to dance with me!

Ha! So, then this old fogy, bleach blond Nazi looking lady told me my dancing made some of the parents uncomfortable!

Imagine if she's been to a REAL luau in Hawaii! They barely wear ANYTHING and move their hips harder, faster, or more slowly exaggerated than I! Ha!

Turns out kids like fun people, not squares like her! Tahitian dance is Centuries old, and the children wore less clothes than I did! Makes no sense to me really, it was 38 degrees.
But, New Englanders are rather strange in the head! No wonder Franklin left and went to Philadelphia!

Bunch o' Catholics & Puritan rejects!

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