Monday, August 19, 2013

Quincy August Moon Festival

Annual Quincy August Moon Festival 2013 (Greater Boston)

We went to the Moon Festival. This was the biggest one I've ever seen yet!

I missed it last year because I was living in Philadelphia. But, I've been attending these for several years since my daughter was a baby.

What's great about this particular Festival is that it's organized by the local ethnic minorities, specifically the Asian groups, but is open to including anyone, and anything, and is paid for by money raised in the communities such as those from donors, and sponsors. There is no end to the amount of volunteers of all ages, most notably the youth whom proudly contribute of their own free will, and greater sense of community. I've also attended many times and found that some volunteers even came from different towns, including non-Quincy high schools. This makes much of the activities FREE for children!

Many local businesses get into the spirit!

Here I am in the car. I obtained from wearing makeup... the weather forecast was constantly wrong all day, even tho' the forecast was clear and cool for that day all week, when we woke up it was overcast.

Then, it was mixed weather the entire day. It got SO hot and sunny, and humid mid way through the event.

Luckily, I brought water & sunblock because I'm broke, and it was HOT.

But, about a quarter after 2, we left, and it was so crowded, but I was so starving (and broke), my daughter bought her own hotdog, but I ate nothing the whole day, and ran out of water.

After we came home, the temperature dropped and it rained by around 6pm (which was after the event was over).

Here I am in the morning at the festival. Hard to believe that by the time we left, this very spot was swarming with people... but I'm the only Person there in this shot.

This is the dress I made from silk I bought in Beijing in 2008. All the jewelry is also special silver of jade from China as well (except for the earrings).

My daughter is much braver now, and used to be scared of riding ponies, even tho' she loves them so much. But, this is a more recent thing for her to brave enough in just the past 2-3 years. 
Don't laugh... I know she didn't put her feet in the stirrups, but she doesn't actually KNOW how to ride, let alone what a stirrup is, nor a bridal, reins, or a saddle, let alone the varieties of them...

Regardless, this was the happiest I have EVER seen her at a fair! She was often grumpy about any number of things, like the price of the hotdogs or drinks, or the lack of moneys... but, when we all put together that last dollar so she could get a pony ride, you couldn't have seen a happier child EVER!

Her face lit-up as soon as she got on, and beamed with joy!

Beanbag fish toss game


If you want to see other photos, or possibly see it YOU are in them, you can find them and tag yourself on the FB event page listing.

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