Monday, June 2, 2014


I still enjoy, and would like to do more, pirate cosplay stuff... But, recently I've been on a Bohemian theme kick for a while...

It's been rather cold as well... And I still am experiencing delays in my plans, for quite a number of things. (If you only knew.)

Here are some of the test frames from when I started my photoshoot last week.

Yes, my hair is very thin, and my nails are very soft, brittle, and often bleed...

So, if you want to be judgmental of me, keep that in mind... I'm also not 20-something anymore.

I'm aware that these are not so great... I had already made several attempts all month in May, and constantly being screwed when big clouds rolled in the moment i put my eye to the view finder. VERY frustrating!
But, by the time I finally had a good enough day to shoot, it was VERY COLD, and i just wasn;t feeling it....

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