Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I'd fully intended to continue blogging more photos... I have several more... and I had also intended to shoot more... but, it's like every hour or so, something happens, or comes up, even in the middle of the night!

I just went up & down the North Eastern Coast... might have to do it again...

anyways... I keep finding kool music stuffs online, to share... I know some o' u tell me you like they kool finds I post...

And, even tho' I LOVE independent artists/musicians, I actually came across Spotify, recently... and, I just LOVE ol' 90s' dance music... I also love finding the rare stuff from that time period, and stuff that was popular outside of the USA that I'd NEVER heard of, because it's ALL GOOD to me.

Anyways, here's a tid-bit I found:

I'll try to do an image manipulation graphic for New Year.

It's been a wilf ride...

and, I STILL never got 'round to posting my MLP gingerbread Ponies yet, on my art blog... but, I will.... that is... unless a certain pending something of mine happens... then it'll get pushed back...

I'm going crazy w/several things I gotta multitask my way through... but, I can manage...

But, if things turn out (and I expect that they will) I may be able to take my Pirateness to some festivals, events, conventions, and take my buds with me....

Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate
By "Black UniGryphon" TM © 2013
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang
Autumn 2013 New England, Greater Boston

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