Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday FREE Download Finds

I figured I'd find some FREE promotional stuffs for you blokes to DOWNLOAD, since it's "Cyber Monday"

Since, often when I in costume, when I'm not at fairs or conventions in costumes, I can also be found at not just Karaoke, but also RAVES, clubs, and lounges... (just not recently, because I;m rather broke) And, I LOVE Techno...

Lately, I've been listening to "Kerli" alot.

So.... I found 2 free Dubstep remixes of Kerli's "Army of Love" you can get:

Ontop of that, I ALSO found for you (via FaceBook) you can download FOR FREE TODAY The entire album from 1 of my dance teacher's band "Beats Antique":

Contraption Vol II.:


"Beat-heads! For today only, we're giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of our album Contraption Vol. II.
Free download -->
(Simply click the "Buy Now" button and set your price to $0)

Feel free to SHARE and give the gift of danceable grooves this holiday season!"

If you check Beats Antique's Bandcamp page you will also find many TOTALLY free song downloads, and albums.

If you like Beats Antique, you might also like "Dirtwire" which is a project of a band member from "Beats Antique".

You can also download the Dirtwire album for free as well:

Got enough free stuff?

OK, that ought to be enough! Can you even handle that much music at once????

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