Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Sunday, March 23, 2014

(My) Costumes That Psyche You Out!

 People frequently ask me about my costumes, and make comments about how I shouldn't spend so much money on them since I'm so broke!

First of all, I'm VERY thrifty, and I generally don't buy costumes that much, I make my own from scratch, or make an costume ensemble from old clothes.

See this costume here?

 That's 2 old skirts I bought years ago. 1 I bought in New Hope PA, and the other was a bargain I got from MACY*S during the recession. It was a $40+ skirt that I paid like $3 for.

You can clearly see these 2 old skirts. And, EVERYTHING I'm wearing is NOT new except some of the makeup, which by this point was over a year at least old... 

 Now, are you REALLY ready to be psyched out???

Well, GOOD!

See these 2 skirts I'm wearing here???? 
Yeah! These skirts! 


The only difference is that I re-dyed them in the autumn in the washing machine for a few bucks a box at Wal-Mart. 



Now, what was that you were saying about spending so much of my money on costumes, again???

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