Monday, March 10, 2014

90s Nostalgia!

 Ever since about late January I would find myself with 90s Nostalgia! Frequently!

I found myself listening to everything from "Black Box", to "L.O.F.T.", to "Corona", to "Rockell", to "Lasgo".

Anyways, I kept having an uptick with people "liking" my mixes which began having a trend to old school 4/4 beats techno, like: Hi-NRG, Eurodance, Happy Hardcore, etc.

So, I went to 8tracks, and thought about doing some other mixes... I did another bohemian mix....

Then, I felt like doing 90s stuff....

So, I made an underground 90s mix of Dance & Hip Hop with quite a bit of UK & Euro types of stuff...

Next thing I knew, I was publishing lots of techno. Especially 90s, and a lil' bit of the early 2000s.

Makes me miss Pirate Pebbs & going to Karaoke.

We'd discussed producing her a theme song, and maybe some singles. But, we lack funding. I have no idea what she would do her theme song as... I figure if I helped her produce an E.P. it might sound something like Prince's 80s classic "Purple Rain" album, or just general pop & dance, maybe some nautical fusion.

However, if I were to do a theme song I'd do it as an old school style Hi-NRG Eurodance techno, but ALSO have a Tribal-fusion Folk version, with violins, zills, doumbeks, and maybe some kind of strings like dulcimers, lutes, mandolins, something like that... I dunno, something with Yo-ho-ho, ya-ya-yo... I dunno, Pirate-ish stuffs! That way I could sing in karaoke & clubs, but also preform with a live band at Pirate & Ren' fairs... ;) 'cause some folks are kinda "purist" and snobby. And, id probably make a funny video...

If i produced an album, I'd also have to do the same thing. Do the Techno version, and THEN do the songs in another album in the analog version with real acoustic & hand played interments.

I like the techno theme because of the Eurodance angle & the whole "fusion" and Steam Punk, and futurism... and the "pirate" side of downloading things, stealing intel, covert stuff, or all kinds of futurism themes popular in the 90s in Europe. Sounds like a lot of fund to play with! Zeplins, and Dirigibles, and space ships... Holodecks, Virtual reality... I LOVE Star trek, and Star Wars, and exotic things...

But, I also like the Tribal fusion stuff, and ancient Arabic & Egyptian beats, and Nautical whiles, Celtic & folk music, or New Age, Gypsy, or Revolutionary marching drums. Maybe even Pigeon English, ha!

If I were to produce a techno E.P. It would be a mix of sounding like "La Bouche" and "Blümchen". I would ALSO like to do some songs NOT in English! Thankfully, we live in a time period where people can move beyond the stuck-up attitude of English Only. I'd probably just stick to languages I can deal with, like: German, Mandarin, and maybe Pekingese. But, I think some Arabic fusion could be good. Yella Habibi! :D
Too bad, I don't have the funds for that tho... right now... AND, since I had surgery on my throat I'd need vocal coaching for a while...

So, it's kinda just a dream I/we have... for now... kinda frustrated, because if something had gone through like it was supposed to, I could already be started on any of that. That, and I also have some other creative things/productions including animation/video/publishing also which could've at least started going into beginning fazes of production, which is also why I've been so quiet. But, I can't move forward until THAT stuff does. 

But, I'm still broke over hear... It's like being stuck in limbo... I have the money, but I DON'T. It's like being stuck between it. And, I'm running out of food too.

It's really a shame because I have SO many talented friends, associates, but they can't get work either.

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