Wednesday, March 12, 2014

300th Article Post: 90s Underground HI-NRG Eurodance Techno Mixes

My 300th Blog Article Post! 

In case you didn't already notice, I absolutely LOVE RAVE Culture & techno!

If not for Tribal Fusion, Yoga, anime, and Chinese Pop... and playing violin when I was a kid... I'd probably ONLY be listening to TECHNO... and maybe some 80s music... (and Disney)

But, as it stands.... Tribal Fusion Belly Dance REALLY opened me up to EVERYTHING. I even have Balkan brass & folk waltzes.

You have no clue just how eclectic my hard drive is. But, lemme keep it real: it's MOSTLY TECHNO! (Got a lot of Tribal Fusion too... like a ton)

Regardless of all the lovely musical stuffs I have.... My deepest LOVE is Hi-NRG Eurodance & Happy Hardcore!

It feels so good! It sounds so good!
I JUST want THAT feeling!

To me, "Heaven" ideally would be that feeling in that moment swept up in the song, in the melody! Those 4/4 beats! Samples, dubs, synthesizers, bass. Like a sound, like a concept, like an emotional euphoria...

I DON'T need drugs to get high. Just the music!

If Heaven is REAL, I don't want to be ANYTHING, I JUST want THAT!
I couldn't care about evolving my soul, or becoming an expansion of whatever...
I'd rather JUST be the expression of the music, AND the listener, the receiver, the bass, the moment & the emotion with bliss of infinity, with no time, no end, no beginning... so meaningful, it's beyond meaning, and doesn't even need it.

A lil' bit of Hardcore Techno:

90s Underground Hi-NRG Eurodance techno. Lots of RARE stuff:

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