Sunday, March 23, 2014

Free Album Downloads by Beats Antique (limited time)

I can't believe it!

But, 2 of the BEST albums by my teacher's band "Beats Antique" are FREE to download for a Limited time!


The first Album up for FREE DOWNLOAD is the 2009 EP "Contraption Vol I"!

I remember when this came out, I was addicted to it for months! I played it at work on my laptop, and it made many sales for me.

The 2nd, Album up for FREE DOWNLOAD is the following album (2010) "Blind Threshold"!
This was so highly anticipated, and well worth the wait when it FINALLY came out!

I'm GOBSMACKED that it's FREE!!!

To download them for free when it asks you to name your price, type in "0"
...of course you COULD be nice and give them some dollars... I paid for mine, and I'm NOT sad that I did.

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