Monday, March 10, 2014

Certified Gold: Gypsy Mix via 8Tracks

 Internet folks like "Gypsy Music"

There's been an uptick in the amount of people not only listening to my "8Tracks' mixes since I started publishing them nearly 1 ago, but, 1 of my mixes also went Certified Gold.

For a while there, some of the people would listen to my Tribal fusion mixes, Dub Step Techno, and when I published my first Trance Techno Mix, it was pretty popular for a while.

But, then, it was mostly just the slow tribal stuff for a while....

Then, I published a Mediterranean flavored old school Eurodance techno, and that mix has been gaining popularity constantly ever since. Then my techno mixes also started to get more plays, and even my Chinese music.

So, I guess 4/4 beats are are just infectious!

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