Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weather permitting New photoshoot next week

My current employment is allegedly ending on Sunday. Allegedly. And, I'm also running out of money.

But, this frees up some time for me.
So, weather permitting, next week I will make a big push to shoot some new photos outside.... as long as it isn't raining.

Cold, or warm, I'm still gonna do it... (unless some freak things springs up outta nowhere, which frequently occurs in my life).

The Autumn Foliage is really coming along very well. Still SOME green, but better than the last 3 years. I just hope we don;t get a downpour... I've also heard we might get snow, but I see no signs of it yet...

I'm also free for Halloween.
So, expect something outta that too!

I couldn't make it to ANY festivals this year due to either:
A.) No money
B.) Forced to work.
C.) conflicting schedules

photo commissions:

If you would like a private commission (that I won't publish) you will need to contact me. No, I will NOT do any porn, nor any photos of my genitalia. So, don't ask.
It will start at about $50. Contact me, and we can work something out.

If you would like to Flattr me, you are welcome to do so, as always.

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 I also need to finish my Ghawazee coat, but I need a few things for trimming.

If anyone would like to contribute to help me I have an Amazon wishlist of items to help me out.

I mostly need the wide neotrims for the coat, and some tassels for trimming the hipscraves. 

But, I also need to get more grommets & ribbon, which I can get locally.

 I probably won't be able to wear the Ghazaa coat for Halloween.

But, I expect to be doing Halloween, with my daughter!

She's a cat again.

If the weather is cold, I might be in pants. I don't know. 

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