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Corset Deal

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Origin of Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate Cosplay

The Origin of Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate

Here's the 1st Manifestation of Kandice as a Pyrate character!

This is Halloween I think in 2007 at The Hanover Mall (MA).

I NEVER EVER would've worn a skirt that short EVER, but Spencer's Gifts was selling really lovely Pirate Costumes, and having enjoyed watching a Disney film based on an old Disney Land attraction, it just sort of really appealed to me. This costume was CRAZY expensive! About $65 +tax! And, I had to beg, plead, and tag team my spouse just to get it with my business associate partner in crime (hee-hee pirate pun).

The fishnets cost me about $20 and I had to buy 2 pairs each, cause they busted, and I had another party to go to. Plus, I had to buy the petty coat, which was a pain in the ass to find, and that cost me about $30. Insane, right?

The hat  (orignally a witch hat) was a Wal-Mart find from about 2003 or 2004 for which I would dress like a witch with my kid as either a Furry Unicorn Costume, or a Pumpkin. I had to make  the hat into a Pirate hat by hand. It took me about a whole day to figure out, and I have tweaked it several times since.

I got several compliments on the costume when I showed up in the mall. I recall walking to the public restroom, and these old ladies made cat calls at me and said: "Hubba-hubba!" then hooted & hollered at me. By the time I'd gotten to the end of the hall all the old men had already joined in. Then, people began wanting me to pose for photos with them.

I'm kinda used to people wanting to pose with me when I go to conventions like Anthrocon, but those were usually Furry Cons. This was different! This was like eye-popping kinda stuff, like when I used to go clubbing (on such rare occasions when I was single) yet I was with my adorable little kid. So, I got alot of "MILF" remarks as well.

I think I'd only worn the costume on Halloween the following year, and that was it.

After that, I was more into Bellydance & Tribal Fusion...and for quite a while...

But, then my friend Pebbles whom had gone to college with me, invited me down to visit her (and she visited me too) and invited me to a special event party in the Countryside in PA.

It's so funny how much we are alike! She & I have so many similar tastes, and she had also been into costume making at the same time I was... but, mine was all bellydance... and, I brought down my old gold costume... this is a plus sized costume, and I'm not chubby enough to totally fit it right.

Pebbles had her own Cosplay character  (Pirate Pebbs) that she would tour with up & down the East Coast, after her spouse & her broke-up. She is a Karaoke Star in West Philadephia, and does Conventions, Fairs, and Festivals doing face Painting.

By that time, if you don;t know anything about Tribal Fusion, it has pretty much already had Nautical & Pirate fusions... so, I began incorporating my bellydance/Tribal Fusion stuff together...

Here's me in Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

By this time, I really got way more into dance, yoga, and even went to a few classes, and would study at home with my self practice. I have hours & hours worth of video classes.

Also around that time Pebbs got big time into Cross-dressers... so we both went through wierd make-up interests...

She's also an Award Winning Pro Photographer. And, I'm a total fan of her!

Another big influence in my make-up was Ansuya, my teacher Zoe Jakes (both Bellydance Super Stars BDSS) and believe it or not a HUGE throw back to the 1990s Eurodance/Techno/Rave star: Blümchen (Jasmin Wagner). Yeah, I sometimes throw in some vintage 90s items I have. ;)

So... before I knew it, I started to notice that this character I was dressing up as had her own personality.

She's can be arrogant, pompous, she's way robust, and she has her own unique robust flare, very flamboyant, tricky, her own unique quirks.

And, she's a Megalomaniac.

She's not just some mere captain, or admiral. She's a Marshal. So, she outranks EVERYONE.

It's a play on the origin of my name "Kandice" which comes from the Greek: "Candace" which was derived from the original Nigerian Title of "Kandake" (Sounds like Kahn-Da-Kay) which means a Cesar but the Matriarchal version, because in that culture men did't rule, women did. A Cesar is BEYOND an Emperor, and Cesars are sharp, crafty, maniacal, and megalomaniacs.

I kept bouncing back & forth a name to Pebbs... but, we couldn't figure out what to call her... So, I just let the character tell me how she wanted to be known...

And, by 2012 I debuted her as Marshal Kandice at 1st at:
Philadelphia Comic Con 2012

Pirate Pebbs & I!
 Pirate Pebbs in Olde City Philadelphia
 Pirate Pebbs The karaoke Star in West Philadelphia

Here I am at Comic Con, I had a different change of clothes for each day of the Con. I was exhausted!
Different makeup each day too!

 Here we are in West Philly at night after the Con waiting for Chinese food, then off to Karaoke. 

 On another night we had a Purple Rain Rave.

  You will notice that I sometimes paint on Tattoos. Pirates often tattooed their faces, not just their bodies. Pirates were also eclectic, and even tho' they robbed things, they actually wrote up their own constitutions (before the USA did) and had their own honor codes. Confusing, huh?

Pirate Pebbs & I selling my old prints, face painting, and it was a Booth by Pinki Moon another AIPH college Classmate of mine! Thank you Pinki Moon (* Eias Lau )! ^_^

Then, I lived for the summer in PA trying to get work, and finally worked in finance briefly. Durring that time, I helped Pebbles.

Here we are at a Festival in West Philly.

And, at The Marcus Hook PA Pirate Festival:


 Then there's the October & Halloween stuff in New England:

The Great Pumpkin Give-Away Charity Festival at Weymouth City Hall.
Elizabeth Warren was there! ^_^ 






A Halloween Dance:





I don't know what else is in store for Marshall Kändiß. Because I'm broke.

But, u never know....

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