Saturday, March 2, 2013

Karaoke at Headhouse on South Street Philadelphia

Dr. Thunder Karaoke @ Head House in South Philly on South Street.

I think there was some kinda tropical storm going on just when we were on the road to this one.

Might've been late August or sometime in September.

I only recall that I was exhausted from financial & banking training plus tackling the SEPTA transportation troubles, and Pebbs' car got totaled. I also had a nervousness issue, anxiety, and insomnia troubles.

So, It's kinda a blur...

 Pirate Pebbs in  gangster fedora?
I think it has skull & cross bones or swords on it.

 Pirate Pebbs singing live!

 Pirate Pebbs singing live.

Japanese dumpling...

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