Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Friday, March 1, 2013

2011 Cloudy New England Autumn Pyrate Photoshoot

The clouds in New England drive me NUTS! Perfect weather, perfect time of the day!

You throw on your costume, your makeup, ur camera batteries are charged... but, AS SOON as you get outside the 1 giant cloud blocks the position of the sun and drives you NUTS!

Ticks me off!

I made the bodice! It's made of old camisoles I bought at Urban Outfitters in Phialdelphia in 1998 when I won a raffle prize at the U-ARTS, on Braod Street Center City.
They material is made of acitate, and they were manufactured here: MADE IN USA.

But, I couldn't fit the,, so I cut them up, and made the bodice.

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