Friday, March 1, 2013

2011 Spur of the Moment Selfportrait Photoshoot

Indoor Photo Shoot

Just a spur of the moment shot!

Pyrate Marshall Kändiß

I didn't have much make-up at this time. I only had lip-gloss. I'd lost my make-up somewhere between traveling from Boston-Philly doing a Bridal Photoshoot with Pirate Pebbs, rush back, my condo's floors got ripped out... I had barely any sleep, got slammed with customers managing my store/business in the mall, Spring break slams into being...

Over a week goes by, and my makeup just vanishes...

So, I had to start ALL OVER by collecting new makeup bit by bit. And, I lost ALL my vintage makeup from the mid 1990s & 2000-2004, and my new mascara at the time. I was NOT happy about it!

This was another really warm Fall.

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