Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pyrate Scarecrow @ Pumpkin Give Away Fest in Weymouth Mass 2012

 Pyrate Scarecrow @ Annual "Great Pumpkin Give Away Festival" @ Town Hall in Weymouth Mass 2012

Pyrate Marshall Kändiß posing by the Pumpkin Patch @ Town Hall in Weymouth with a Pyrate Scarecrow
 Weymouth Mass is both cloudy & sunny often. Some photos will be all cloudy, and others will be very sunny when a large puffy cloud move out of the way from blocking the sun.

Kändiß posing with her daughter Heidi (AKA Saver Cat).

 Uh-oh! I think the scarecrow is working!

 Jia Lu'de Kändiß's mother-in-law from China, posing by the Pirate Scarecrow & Pumpkin Patch.

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