Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Table At Philly Comic Con 2012

Our table at Comic Con 2012
It's actually Pinkimoon's (Elisa Lau)!

You can see my old art/prints ("Black UniGryphon").

Pirate Pebbs setting up her face paints!

Yes, that's a "green screen" we're Computer Animation Graduates (AIPH).

I bought some My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fan art!

I got some for my daughter, and for Pirate Pebbs' daughter too!

Some of my work did sell. But, I wasn't making crazy money. I mostly did some face painting for Pirate Pebbs, but we all shared.

Also at the table Pirae Pebbs was plugging Dr. Thunder Karaoke, and her Strait Cross Dresser work. She also hangs out & parties hard with really hot Trannies.

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