Corset Deal

Corset Deal

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Marshall Kändiß Friday Pyrate Costume Philly Comic Con 2012

Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate (Cosplay by "Black UniGryphon" Kandice Zimbleman) at Philadelphia Comic Con 2012 
Artist @ Dealer Table w/Pinkinmoon & Pirate Pebbs, face painting and selling prints.

 The Friday Costume was probably my most decked-out costume day. I wore the green bodice that I hand made, and I think I wore my red satin 25 yards Gypsy skirt imported from India.

Red feathers eyelashes/extentions/falsies.

Painted tattoos.

I even went to a "Drink & Draw" contest, which I WON, but have NEVER received my prize for EVER.
 Do I look exhausted to you?

Arg.... the life of a Pyrate!

 Pretty exhausted...

Not used to so much moving around. Barely any sleep.
Also painting faces... I think Pirate Pebbs has photos of the face paintings I did... I honestly don't recall who's face, or what I painted....

No clue...

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